Wednesday, October 15, 2014

United States Copyright Cancelation, Revocation of Powers of Attorney, Stripping of all Rights, Titles and Interests in the book Operation Humanity Transcending Part 1

Public Notice
In Re United States Copyright Contract Number "TXu 1-725-531" Cancelation and Return of Original Certificate of Registration
On February Twenty-seventh of the year Two-thousand and fourteen Siobhan-Erica as Trustee and not personally for Soto-Ciresi Lineage Trust©™ (“Proponent”) sent via third party witness presenter Alexandria Imani Magnolia© via Registered Mail Article Number RB321787325US, Return Receipt, Certificate of Service; a Declaration, Notice, Revocation of Authority and Powers of Attorney and Termination Contract sent in congruency with Affidavit of Negative Averment and Original “Certificate of Registration…issued under the seal of the Copyright Office”, copyright “Registration Number TXu 1-725-531”to UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT OFFICE c/o Maria A. Pallante acting as Register of Copyrights 101 Independence Avenue S.E., Washington D.C. 20559-6000 (“Respondent”), revoking any and all Powers of Attorney and all authority granted to Respondent in error, by Mistake of Fact, regarding the book Operation Humanity Transcending Part 1. Respondent upon receipt of said Notice and accompanying documentation was/is stripped of all rights, titles or interests to the book, i.e. private property. Unauthorized use of the private property/book, its title, or the copy-claimed given and lineage names of the Proponent is a trespass against private trust property and is deemed a $3,000,000.00 tort for each occurrence; a corresponding lien granted by agreement and consent of the parties by their conduct and by said Notice.
Respondent had ten (10) days from date of receipt of said Notice and accompanying documentation to rebut Proponents Affidavit and respond to the Notice. Failure to do so was/is deemed Respondent’s agreement with the facts in the Affidavit of Specific Negative Averment. Respondent failed to rebut/respond. Respondent is barred by res judicata.

Voter Registration Null and Void Ab Initio

Public Notice
In Re Notice and Praecipe, Elector Status Change

On October Twenty-fourth of the year Two-thousand and thirteen siobhan-erica of the lineage soto-ciresi, a woman, served notice In Re Notice and Praecipe, Elector Status Change upon anita katz, wayne rogers, ANITA KATZ and WAYNE ROGERS and any agents, successors, assigns, nominees, and associates (“Respondents”) via Registered Article Mail Number RB321787317US, Return Receipt and Affirmation of service. Said parties are in agreement that:

1) there is no law compelling siobhan, a woman, to complete voter registration application for Suffolk County; and

2) all voter registration application(s) and other things bearing name SIOBHAN ERICA CIRESI or any derivative(s) thereof are revoked, null and void, from the beginning, through various elements for concealment and failure to make proper disclosures; and

3) all signature(s) on any and all voter registration applications for Suffolk County expressed, implied and otherwise are revoked, repudiated and rescinded, for peculiar and good proper cause on all forms; any and all Power of Attorney held by Suffolk County is revoked; and

4) Said revocation is absolute, from the beginning; and

5) Said Notice was given to anita katz and wayne rogers in care of Suffolk County Government Board of Elections ANITA KATZ  and WAYNE ROGERS Yaphank Avenue in care of PO Box 700, Yaphank, NY CF11980-0700CF on October 24, 2014 and agents under the above named parties, successors, assigns, nominees, and associates; and

6) all power of attorney, presumed or otherwise, to make any legal determination past, present, and future for siobhan, a woman and/or SIOBHAN ERICA CIRESI  Estate and all derivative aliases thereof are revoked, from the beginning, are of no force or effect whatsoever, an absolute nullity; and

7) siobhan waives and rejects any and all rights, benefits and/or privileges expressed, implied or otherwise arising from any such signatures, all resulting contracts, agreements, things, or trust(s); all resulting through and by ignorance, fear, force, duress are revoked, terminated, cancelled from the beginning; and

8) the name SIOBHAN ERICA CIRESI is removed from the voter rolls for Suffolk County posthaste; and

9) any and all interested parties are notified of changes; and

10) Respondents had twenty-one days from receipt of said Notice to send acknowledgment and compliance with the requirements or show cause in writing for non compliance to the mailing location provided in said Notice; and

11) Respondents are required to produce evidence of their Oath of Fidelity as well as the policy number and name and address of the underwriter of their bond in the event of non compliance; and

12) at least twenty-one days have passed from date of Respondents receipt of said Notice without any response from Respondents constituting a non-response; and

13) Respondents have created a default and are in dishonor.